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Delivery times in mainland Spain: 3-4 working days
Delivery times in Europe: 7-8 working days


A normal bottle of wine of 75 cl, weighs approximately 1.5 Kgr.
A normal bottle of sparkling wine of 75cl, weighs approximately 1.8 kgr.
The greater or lesser capacities have different weights.
There are high-end bottles with double or triple thickness glass that weigh more.

A regular 75cl bottle of wine weights around 1.5 Kg.
A regular 75 cl bottle of sparkling wine weights around 1.8 Kg.
The bottles with others volume, have different weights.
There are some high-end bottles which have double and even triple glass thicknesses which have different weights.


The delivery will be made according to the customer's choice, in: Cátalo en Casa (Carretera Coin Pol. Hevaro nave 41, 29140 Churriana, Málaga) or at the customer's delivery address. On the website you will find information about the availability of the products sold directly by Cátalo en Casa (for example, on the product details page). We make special mention of the fact that all details regarding the availability, shipment or delivery of a product, are only estimates and approximate values. We are not obliged to guarantee transport or delivery dates. If Cátalo en Casa during the processing of your order indicates that the products ordered are not available, you will be independently notified by email. If Cátalo en Casa, for reasons beyond its control, is not available with the products ordered, as the supplier did not fulfil its contractual obligations, Cátalo en Casa reserves the right to cancel the order. In this case, the client will be informed that the product is not available. The legal rights of the client remain intact.
If delivery to the buyer is not possible because the goods sent do not fit through the customer's front door, front door or staircase or because the customer is not present at the specified delivery address, despite the fact that the time of delivery is announced in advance, the customer bears the costs of the failed delivery.


There will be no shipping costs for pick ups at Cátalo en Casa, Carretera Coin Pol. Hevaro nave 41, 29140 Churriana, Málaga.